Senior Art Director

A Royal Desert Stroll —2009

He is working on two current books. 

Forged by an Eternal Flame: A Well Balanced Life 

This book is about the parallels, symbolism, and unity of having a balanced life within the sacred center called the inner circle. 

The other book coming forth is called Cold White Fire: The Energy Within. This book is a bridge between the scientific and spiritual relationships of fire and how it touches and edifies one's life throughout various cultures. 

Basing one's life in balance and harmony on the energy within one is able to find divine authenticity surrounded by pure light. 


"I am honest in heart with a sincere desire to serve."

Christopher Stapleton

Christopher is creative and inquisitive. As a member of the team he produces a unified visual style for the website.

He is a digital painter, photographer, artist, digital sculptor, avid reader, writer, and sound engineer. 

His works are centered around light, joy, and balance. 

Time Together —2019

Cold White Fire Studio

54 South Main Street

Ephraim, Utah 84627

United States

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