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Cold White Fire Gaming Studios

54 South Main Street 

Ephraim, Utah 84627


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About Our Mission: 

The purpose of Cold White Fire Gaming Studios mission is to help people with disabilities and individuals who struggle with technology become digitally literate and become more productive in their personal and professional lives.

What We Strive to Do

We help develop tech and games to help people with disabilities learn digital literacy.

We are a small bunch of video game creators with our  own disabilities reaching out to help people with disabilities and other individual challenges become more digital literate in their business and personal lives. 

We want to improve our skills and become more united in what we aim to do. 


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Suono Dolce

Is a 2D third-person casual puzzle/quest game in which the player proceeds through a Classical Venice-like city around the 1800s in an attempt to realize the hero’s dream of conducting in the Opera House.

In order to do so she has to unravel the mystery of her father and his missing violin, gather together enough

musicians to form an orchestra, and reconstruct a composition for them to play.

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