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Hi! We are Christopher & Vera. We base our lives around light, joy, and harmony in working with Cold White Fire. We are simplifying our life, organizing it to be our authentic selves, and enjoy what we are doing. We have joy and fun along the way, and connect with other individuals. 


Life has been adventurous for us in ways that we had not planned out through life challenges and because of this we created Cold White Fire; which is an authentic and eternal light that radiates within. We are authentic by being true to our Divine Nature. Cold White Fire Studio is our art studio. We create media products such as music, books, paintings, illustrations, engravings, and sculpture. 


We choose to be true to ourselves. We choose authenticity. One of our goals for this channel working as a team is to build our Cold White Fire Studio Workshop. If you would like to join us in these efforts we invite you with open arms. Welcome to an authentic journey from the Light Within.


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