Treasure Life Memories Through Video

We provide professional pre-production, production, and post-production editing and cinematography for client video content. 

Professional Video Editing

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A Brief History

As graduates from the ROI program, the Remote Online Initiative we are a success story in the making.

Cold White Fire was started in April 2014 as a media service company which is run by Christopher and Vera. Since then, we have assisted our families, friends, clients and businesses with marketing content, business and personal branding, photo restoration, video production, custom design biographies and genealogy books. We were able to keep the business going through the years with us and our many life challenges.


In 2019, Christopher graduated from the ROI program, which was established by Utah State University. After taking the course, Chris set in-order the information technology network for Cold White Fire's office and encrypted security system.  The course introduced us to many resources, freelance, and independent contracting works. Chris worked as a freelancer for a friend who took the same ROI course with him.


In May 2020, Cold White Fire created a website for Ephraim City to celebrate Scandinavian Summer festival. COVID-19 canceled the physical celebration but we took the festivities online. The website turned out very successful and runs well by the city. We also created launch videos for the Scandinavian activities. 


In the same year, Chris also successfully obtained an engraving machine which he can integrate his design skills to create tangible products with his custom design on wood, acrylic, fabric, handgun stock, etc. 


Vera graduated from the ROI program in May 2020. From the class resource, Cold White Fire was approved to produce video caption service for Rev and some other freelance works.


We especially appreciate the help we have received from our SBA counselor, Tim Chamberlain who counseled us over the years. We also give thanks to Trenton Wilson and Mike Sarles, the ROI program coordinators for their support and resources. 


Cold White Fire is doing better each day. We look forward to building a workshop for the business next year and keep it going with great anticipation and success. 


We have increased our productivity by 50%. We built a new website and create content based on light, joy, and balance. 

Cold White Fire Studio

54 South Main Street

Ephraim, Utah 84627

United States

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